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Kea, also known as Gia, Tzia and Keos, is an island of the Cyclades archipelago, in the Aegean sea, in Greece. It is the island of the Cyclades complex that is closest to Attica (about 45 minutes by ferry from Lavrio). Its climate is arid and its terrain is hilly. Its capital, Ioulis, is inland at a high attitude and is considered quite picturesque. Other major villages of Kea are Korrisia (the port) and Vourkari (a fishing village)


Ioulis or Chora is Kea’s capital, a beautiful tradition colour washed village, sitting on the slopes of two hills, offering great sea views. Its picturesque houses have red tiled roofs, which is rare in Cyclades. Cars are not allowed there and life is relaxed, as it was many decades ago. Its landmark is the impressive neoclassical Town Hall that dominates the beautiful main square. At night, the village is rather quiet and people gather at the tavernas and the cafes